Shreeji , established in 1981 as a producer of graded cast iron, now producing a wide spectrum of casting from standard stainless steel to exotic super alloys casting as per Indian and International standards.

Shreeji is well known in the industrial circle for it’s intensive approach. Presently Shreeji is able to produce the quality castings in various grades which is equivalent to Hastalloys, Alloys 20, CA15, CA40, R55, HRCS, HC to HX grade castings.

Shreeji is managed by the professionals and each castings produced by the company is being thoroughly followed, and every step is being taken to meet the quality and finish required for the customers. For Shreeji Quality is another name for excellence and delivery is the essence of supply, and we assure both to our valued customers for domestic as well as for export markets. The winners will be the companies that learn to add value to their customers and empowered their employees at all levels and Shreeji is on one of them.