1) Melt Department

  • 100 Kgs medium frequency induction melting furnace.
  • 150 Kgs oil fired ritary furnace
  • 750 Kgs oil fried rotary furnace for graded cast iron castings

2) Moulding Department

  • Green Sand Moulding
  • Dry Sand Moulding
  • Co2 / Nobake Moulding
  • Molasis Sand Moulding
  • Shell Moulding
  • 3) Value Added Services

    Shreeji Foundry Provided a Wide Range Of Castings And Value – Added Services To Meet Your Growing Requirements.

    By Providing a Variety Of Value – Added Services, We Go Beyond The Traditional Services Level Of Other Foundries, Resulting In Improvements In Quality And Shorter The Delivery Period.

    The Making Of Castings Starts From Patterns.

    To Optimize Foundry Methods Prior To Cast Difficult Parts, Solidification Modeling Inculding Flow Analysis Is Available As An Engineering Servicce.

    Can Provide The Quality Check Test Lab Facility For Chemical Test, Physical Properties, Hardness Check, Ultrasound, Micro Test Or Special Module Counts.

    Full Range Of Heat treatment Services Provide To Ascertain The Real Applicable Value Of Metals. Heat Treating Services Includes Stress Relieving, Full Annealing And Normalizing.

    Final Dress Up Of The Castings Ends At This Dept. For Removing Extra Sand Particles Shot Blasting Is Required And Fettling For Removing Burs, Cutting Runner Risers Mark By Grinders And Chezzles Are Used.

    We Can Develop Any Tailor Made Composition In Any Specification For Any Applicability Any Time Always On Time!

    We Undertake Development Import Substitute Castings In Any Specific Metallurgical & Metallography Specification With Full Application Guarantee.

    All R & D Institution, Engineering Colleges, Polytechnic Colleges Are Welcome To Visit & R&D Work